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  • Gamintojas Lifespan
  • Artikulas EU-TR5500iM
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NEW: the improved and more advanced version of the LifeSpan TR5500iT Treadmill. The LifeSpan TR5500iM has an oversized 10″ (25 cm) Full-Color Touchscreen Display, compared to that of the TR4000iT (7″, 17 cm). Because of this you can check out your training results and entertainment programs even better! The possibility to view your training stats in three different views, graph view, meter view and track view, also helps you to keep track of your training results and training targets.

EXCLUSIVE to this model is the innovative ‘screen mirroring’ function with which you can ‘mirror’ your smartphone with the display of the treadmill’s monitor This way the screen of your smartphone shows you the same information as the display does. A big plus about this is that you now can view your training results simultaneously at your smartphone and display! You don’t have to download your training stats from the monitor to your smartphone first. Very handy indeed!

Intensive training with the TR5500iM

Train like a pro with the LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill TR5500iM and take your training to the limit with over 50 training programs and the decline and incline from -2 to + 13%. We bet ya you’ll feel your calves burning. But it’s totally worth it when you notice how easy and fast you’ll train muscles and lose weight with this state of the art treadmill! The TR5500iM is both perfect to beginners and advanced athletes because you can walk very slowly at a minimum speed of 0.8 km/h or run like the devil at no less than 22 km/h. No matter your level of fitness your training will always be challenging.

Different views of your training results and Bluetooth-connectivity

The TR5500iM has a 10″ (25 cm) touchscreen console with three different displays to view your training results in. You can watch your training time, burned calories per hour, distance, total steps and steps per minute, heart rate and percentage max hear rate, speed, incline/decline level, pace, total laps and split time, and elevation change in graph view, gauge view or track view. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth you can connect the treadmill to your smartphone and view your training results on your smartphone. You can also use the Bluetooth to play music and audio. The console features a tablet holder to place your smartphone or tablet in.

Outstanding entertainment during your workout

Because of this you can entertain yourself with music, the internet, your favorite movie or an exciting series while you’re training. A nice addition if you’re seriously toiling yourself and don’t want to kill time staring at your training results or the wall. Luckily the 50+ training programs also help to keep your training fun and varying. Train goal-oriented with one out of two heart rate control programs, train the way you want with one out of two customized user programs, lose weight with one out of five weight management programs, get healthy with one out of 5 Healthy Living programs, get sporty with one out of seven sporttrainings programs, dare yourself with a 5 or 10 kilometer race or train like a real marine with the Rockport or Navy Fitness Test. Whatever training program you fancy it will be an intensive and effective one for sure!

THE treadmill for fitness at home or at the gym to keep training

The LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill TR5500iM has a maximum user weight of 159 kg and is perfectly capable to handle long-term and intensive use. If you train at a high level of speed your feet will come down with a blow the whole time. This is very straining to your joints. To minimize this the treadmill is equipped with 8 compression shocks to absorb the shocks when landing on your feet. This makes your training a lot less taxing on your joints and also less taxing than outdoor running. Either way the TR5500iM is good to have if you like running. Because unfortunately weather conditions can keep you from outdoor running.

Are you looking for a powerful and robust treadmill for intense workouts? Look no further and order the LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill TR5500iM right now. You won’t regret it for a second!

LifeSpan rūpinasi, kad jūsų gyvenimas būtų kupinas sveikatos ir geros savijautos, ir padeda jums su kardio treniruokliais - elipsiniais treniruokliais, treniruokliais, bėgimo takeliais. LifeSpan sukurta kiekvienam, ypač kardio treniruotėms namuose. Pigiau nei profesionalūs kardio treniruokliai, nors ir aukščiausios kokybės rinkoje. Palaikykite savo formą, gerinkite sveikatą ir greičiau atsigaukite po traumų su gražaus dizaino kardio treniruokliais.

Tuo LifeSpan kokybė nesibaigia, jie taip įsitikinę savo treniruokliais, kad kai kuriems savo gaminiams suteikia net viso gyvenimo garantiją, o po to - aukštos klasės aptarnavimą. Jei norite kardio treniruoklių namuose, rekomenduojame LifeSpan - pigiai ir kokybiškai!

Mūsų tikslas - priversti visus judėti ir taip prisidėti prie sveiko ir laimingo gyvenimo!

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Įkūrėjas:: Dave Peters      Pagrindinė būstinė: Solt Leik Sitis, JAV    Prekės ženklas: Įkurtas 2002 m.


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Drive Motor4.0 HP Continuous Duty DC
Rotations per minute3400
Speed Range0.8 - 22 km/h
Max. incline-2 to +13%
Automatic inclineYes
Deck suspensions8 Independent Compression Shocks
Roller64 mm Front, 51 mm Rear
Side railsNon-Slip Plastic
Intelli Guard SafetyYes
Quick Draw TechnologyYes
Bottle cageYes
DimensionsL 185 x W 88 x H 141 cm