LEG PRESS, Lever Sport

LEG PRESS, Lever Sport
  • LEG PRESS, Lever Sport

LEG PRESS, Lever Sport

  • Gamintojas Lever Sport
  • Artikulas LKF-1160
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The leg press movement is considered to be a hip and upper leg development exercise, which is essentially done using a leg press machine. It is safe as long as very high weights are not used and the movement is done correctly.


  • The people who is under 140 cm don’t use the machine
  • Do not use the machine if the contact surfaces of machine are overheated, frozen, wet or visibly damaged.
  • It is forbidden to get closer 2 meters of the user another person who is not exercising.
  • Using the tool other than as shown is dangerous and prohibited.

Technical specification

Length, mm2845
Width, mm790
Height, mm1960
Machine installation area, m22.24
Usage area (Including safety), m222.14
Machine weight, kg340
Machine Operating Weight, (min. kg)20
Machine Operating Weight, (max. kg)150
User Age 18+
Max. User Weight, kg150
Cataphoresis CoatingYes
Electrostatic Powder CoatingYes