Deltoid Machine, InterAtletika

Deltoid Machine, InterAtletika
  • Deltoid Machine, InterAtletika

Deltoid Machine, InterAtletika

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KF809 Deltoid machine with built-in weights is designed for working out the deltoid muscles of the upper shoulder girdle. On the trainer you can perform the following exercises: lifting arms in front of you (you can train two arms simultaneously or load each arm in turn), arm extension in standing position. Thanks to the convenient rotating handles, the athlete performs exercises with the correct hand position. The stops located at the extreme position of the handles minimize the risk of injury and allow the athlete to perform the exercise correctly when extending the arms.

Muscles: deltoids.

The trainer is equipped with built-in weights, convenient and easy to use, the load is adjustable in a wide range.

Heavy-duty vandal-resistant construction is made of 3 mm thick steel. In the galvanized version of the machine metal parts of the structure are covered with hot zinc (high degree of protection against corrosion). The machines are adapted to any weather conditions and are characterized by the best corrosion protection due to the zinc coating. The machines can be installed both in an outdoor area and in a gym. Trendy design, excellent functionality, wide color palette - the undeniable advantages of the machine.

Deltoid machine KF809 is an excellent solution for setting up a full-fledged sports area.

InterAtletika - profesionali sporto įranga fitneso centrams. InterAtletika remiasi naujausiomis technologijomis, talentingais dizaino sprendimais ir moksliniais tyrimais fitneso ir sporto srityje. Jų dėmesys sutelktas į klientų poreikius, siekiant pateikti geriausią įrangą šių dienų rinkoje.

InterAtletika siūlo įvairių rūšių treniruoklius, pavyzdžiui, treniruoklių stovus, prisitraukimo, susilenkimo treniruoklius ir daug kitų. Jie gamina vidaus ir lauko treniruoklius - žaidimų aikšteles, žaidimų ir sporto įrangą vaikams.

Kuriame, gaminame ir parduodame kokybišką sporto ir žaidimų įrangą vaikams ir suaugusiesiems!

Įkūrėjas: Oleg Rudenko     Pagrindinė būstinė: Bucha, Ukraina   Prekės ženklas: Įkurtas 1996 m.

Length - 849 mm

Width - 2130 mm

Height - 1496 mm

Weight - 220 kg

Adjustable resistance

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